Garden Trowels : Use/Care for the Trowel
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Uses For This Great Garden Trowel

This deep digger and the Bigger Digger are tools you will find indispensable around your home and garden the more you use them.

  • Removing dandelions, thistles, etc. and roots.
  • flicking out weeds among your crowded plants.
  • splitting iris corms, peony tubers and similar plantings
  • cutting under and lifting out a small carpet of sod.
  • chop-digging holes
  • digging small round holes (when smaller than spade-dug holes desired)
  • splitting compacted bales of compost, peat moss, etc.
  • planting bulbs
  • prying small to medium stones out of hard soil
  • moving plants along with soil (not disturbing plant growth)
  • you will find many other uses for this trowel

Also, metal-detector buffs and fishermen have found these tools to be excellent for their needs.

Caring For Your Garden Trowel

After several years, you may want to resharpen the blade for easier cutting into the ground. This is easily accomplished by laying a coarse grade of sandpaper on a flat surface and then rubbing the "cutting" edge of the garden trowel back and forth across the sandpaper. Other customary methods would work also, such as hand filing or electric grinding.

As with any of your other quality tools, clean off and occasionally spray with a light lubricant when putting away. Do not leave out in the weather.

All this --- and it won't bend or break.
We guarantee it!

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